Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 07:14:49 +1000 (EST)
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Subject: Nik
I just talked to Nik and she said she just emailed you but didn't tell you what is going on because she is ashamed, but she was assaulted yesterday. I told her I was going to tell you.
She decided to go get the newspaper and it was left on the ground outside her gate . She opened the gate and he was there. He shoved her back inside the yard, slammed her against her fence, punched her a few times then he touched her.
Luckily in her panic, Nik threw up on him. She yelled for Max and he came running which sent that animal running as well.
Anyway Nik was checked out, is bruised but all right. They even did a trace of her heart because it was racing but that is all right too.
As for the animal, the police have him in custody.
I just wanted to tell you. I tried to send you a message but you're not online.
Nikki didn't tell you because she said that she thinks you don't really want to be her friend anymore. I hope that isn't true. I don't think it IS true, but I hope it isn't. She keeps so much inside to save others worry.
I don't know what is making Nikki think that, but she does have a really strong sense of intuition. She can ALWAYS tell when something is up with me--even in an email that says nothing about it.
I hope it's something you both sort out. She is a good soul and would give you her very heart if you needed it to survive.
I better go. My teapot is whistling and is going to boil dry if I don't.
Love and Light

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