Monday, September 15, 2008

Too Much Time On Daly's Hands

What kind of person has the time to email as all these individuals, make up all these crap, search and load photos? I fear a woman with this illness has to be still at it. Her children must be paying the price!

Hi XXXX are some more from the reject bin that I've been cleaning up (with the exception of the last photo--that was no reject)
I shall explain for your viewing ease: LOL
Curling Wand: self explanatory
Hat Drink: photo of Tink taken at one of our BBQs
Hold Up Shot: One of her zoomed and recomposed, taken from my brother's video. She was looking at an old photo from her modelling days. Early AM--no mkaeup on
In France: Tink lying on her bed, deep in thought. You look now and you know what was on her mind. It makes me feel distressed.
Laughing: Another recomposed from my brother's video. In her pyjamas in the kitchen in NZ
Michael's Studio: She looks so hesitant and kind of alone here
Michael's Studio 2: the blue lighting makes her look even more alone
Not Happy: Sparring again with guess who? YES, my brother. Sparks practically coming from her eyes. Don't mess with Tink when it comes to animal rights.
Pensive: Tink alone in her thoughts at the dinner table while everyone else was engaged in happy, laughing chatter.She had completely withdrawn from what was going on around her, and had slipped into "Nikki's World". I don't know why we didn't recognise the look at the time.She was barely holding it together. This actually makes me really quite sad to look at now.This would have been taken in June.
Primping: In her slip (LOL) primping for her date night. (photo was taken just before they left for France)
Talking to XXXX: Pretty self explanatory. Thought you'd want this one
Lady Nikohl: Posed studio shot. Complete with tiny hint of smile and raised eyebrow. LOL

Hope you like them XXXX. Sorry about the not so great quality on lots but they are better than they were!