Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lissa Daly And Her Thick Web Of Lies

It's good you're keeping busy.I'm trying to do the same thing myself, but I admit it's not always easy. If I can slip my brain into neutral and just do stuff, it's good.
Yes, Nik did a little backup vocals for me. She stepped into the studio in Sydney. I'm so glad she did, because it took a bit of coaxing. But, being a cancer patient, I thought it was so appropriate that she sang. Beautiful harmony she could provide.Our voices blended very well over the years.
Thanks for the sketches--such talent. Tell me-the old woman one? Called "Dreams"? That is meant to be her dream isn't it? That woman represents her? It's so sad but so beautiful.
Love and Light

This was an email sent to me from "Liv" after I sent her this sketch that "Nikki" did of herself. Who the fuck could keep all this straight, who the fuck would want to-LISSA DALY YOU ARE A FUCKING LOSER!!!
Oh and I forgot to mention that Nikki did backup vocals on Olivia's last CD-LOL LOL

Friday, July 18, 2008

Melissa Daly In Love With Joanna Lumley?

Thanks for the very sweet photo Tink did for you. Children and dance--two of her favourite things combined. Nice.
The quiz night photo? Ah that was taken a few months ago. I don't know who took the photo, but it was emailed to me by the owner of the bar recently when he heard Nikki and Max had died. (god that is a hard phrase to say--died) We were hosting the quiz night for the benefit of a local school's music department, raising funds to send them to some band thing in Canberra. Questions were read by us, and we also adjudicated and settled disputed answers. Loads of fun. Too bad the photo isn't bigger and clearer, but I'll take whatever I can. She was having fun there, putting her illness aside for awhile.
Max was there that night too, playing on Michael's team. She hasn't got the old man glasses on in that pic, but they were on the little table in front of us. She'd be reading questions aloud with them perched on her nose like a school marm.
She had legs...they STILL looked the same, too. Trim and toned and LOOOOONG. She looked fantastic in short skirts and I kept bringing short ones home for her. Leather looked especially good. (LOL)
I miss Nik too, XXXX. She has no idea how blessed I felt too. She and Max were my little family. I wish you had got to know Max. He was one in a million too.
(LISSA IS TALKING ABOUT MAGPIE HERE)Sounds to me like that woman ruined a few lives. I don't know how she can sleep at night with all the hate boiling inside her. I remember not long ago in France, Tink told me "I wish her well." No grudges, no nothing--just a simple good will wish. That astounded me because she was afraid of that woman.
She said the same of her ex husband and brother too.Even though basically just days before they were killed her brother told her he wished she'd F***ing die already. Gentle, loving woman.
I'm sending a photo to make you smile...I like to call it Disco Mama. (LOL) OMG how dated is THAT? Gold lame and HAIR out to THERE.
Have a peaceful day/night, whenever you are reading this.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Lissa AKA Nikki-sexually abused!!

Another email from Lissa pretending to be Nikki. Once again she brings in the sexual abuse Nikki suffered.
Dearest XXXX
You don't think that maybe at times Max looks at me and thinks things about me? When he comes across the scarring on my lower back, the cigarette burns on my inner thigh or the newer ones on my breast, you don't think he is disgusted by me and what I did? I worry that he does--that sometimes in his eyes I am cheap used goods. I mean, that is a physical reminder that he can see--not just my thoughts that I can keep deep inside. Do you think men can think that way?
I have another rehearsal this morning then a brief on Friday morning and another brief one Saturday morning, then that is it--it is all over. It's easy because we all know the music--they are Christmas carols after all, and we've all played them a million times before.
We had a horrific storm here yesterday in the late afternoon--hailstones, thunder, lightning--the works. At the Manly marina, boats were tossed like toys, some landing on top of each other. Our sailboat was tossed, but Jules and I checked the moorings to make sure it was secure, and luckily it wasn't damaged.
Maybe you would like to catch up Wednesday evening your time again?
I was going to ring you, but in all honesty, in my present emotional state, I couldn't possibly. I don't even really want to speak to Liv at the moment. I hope you understand because I know I said I would ring once a week. Maybe next week, no?
I hope you have a quiet evening. I will go have my coffee with Max now.
I will email again later.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Here is an email from Lissa (Nikki) about Lissa.

Dearest XXXX
Your friend Lissa sent me an email and said she was unwell, and if I wanted to chat to you she wouldn't be here. So, since Max has a lot of work to catch up on thanks to my little hospital outing, I will be more than happy to keep you company. (if that is all right with you, that is) If you're not in the mood to chat with me, I understand completely. I don't want to be a nuisance.