Thursday, November 6, 2008

Psychopath and Family?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Paying The Price

Lissa claims these are her children. If they are indeed, they are paying the price of having a psychopath for a mother. Her hours spent on the computer playing games with others lives shows her total disregaurd for her own family. I am sure this woman is still at this..they need someone to save them!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Too Much Time On Daly's Hands

What kind of person has the time to email as all these individuals, make up all these crap, search and load photos? I fear a woman with this illness has to be still at it. Her children must be paying the price!

Hi XXXX are some more from the reject bin that I've been cleaning up (with the exception of the last photo--that was no reject)
I shall explain for your viewing ease: LOL
Curling Wand: self explanatory
Hat Drink: photo of Tink taken at one of our BBQs
Hold Up Shot: One of her zoomed and recomposed, taken from my brother's video. She was looking at an old photo from her modelling days. Early AM--no mkaeup on
In France: Tink lying on her bed, deep in thought. You look now and you know what was on her mind. It makes me feel distressed.
Laughing: Another recomposed from my brother's video. In her pyjamas in the kitchen in NZ
Michael's Studio: She looks so hesitant and kind of alone here
Michael's Studio 2: the blue lighting makes her look even more alone
Not Happy: Sparring again with guess who? YES, my brother. Sparks practically coming from her eyes. Don't mess with Tink when it comes to animal rights.
Pensive: Tink alone in her thoughts at the dinner table while everyone else was engaged in happy, laughing chatter.She had completely withdrawn from what was going on around her, and had slipped into "Nikki's World". I don't know why we didn't recognise the look at the time.She was barely holding it together. This actually makes me really quite sad to look at now.This would have been taken in June.
Primping: In her slip (LOL) primping for her date night. (photo was taken just before they left for France)
Talking to XXXX: Pretty self explanatory. Thought you'd want this one
Lady Nikohl: Posed studio shot. Complete with tiny hint of smile and raised eyebrow. LOL

Hope you like them XXXX. Sorry about the not so great quality on lots but they are better than they were!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Daly as Invented "Julian" (Eddie Izzard)

Here Lissa is emailing as Julain after Nikki and Max were killed. Spewing crap about how to dress them etc. As always she shows her sexual side talking of showing Nikkis belly button....Lissa has some deep disturbing issues, don't give a crap what they are, she will self destruct sooner or later...PSYCHO!!
Sorry I didn't email earlier. I pretty much passed out from exhaust on the sofa. I'm going to take a couple of sleeping pills and see if I can sleep some more. I have much to do in the next few days and don't want to end up sick from lack of sleep. Nik and Max need my help now.
The clothes issue has settled, thank you! Nik will wear her jeans, her favourite pale blue shirt of his knotted at her waist with just a peek of belly button and barefoot. I'll stick a ciggie in her shirt pocket. I'll have Max in jeans and a polo shirt too. Nik's violin is going with her because I know she wanted that.
Yes, please, if you want to write her a letter do so. I'll put it in her pocket along with the love letter she always carries from Max.
I don't know if I can do this, but for them I will.They were both there for me when Martin died around this time last year.I hate August now.
Write your letter this weekend, ok because I'm taking them home Thursday. You will need to get it to me by Monday so it can go with her.I'll print it out on some nice paper.
Do you think it's ok that instead of using Bond's music when I let them go that instead I use Flying Dreams? I ask because Nik didn't plan on it being both of them, and they often played that song together on their instruments.They loved that one.
Do you think she'd mind?
I'm going to go have a drink and then a couple of pills and go up to bed and hope sleep takes over again.
I keep thinking how I should have been there to protect her too.Maybe if I had, this wouldn't have happened to her. Instead I brought the beach chairs up to the house while they went and got ice cream. She loved her ice cream I didn't think a walk was a good idea because her muscle control was starting to go a bit, but she said she wanted to before the chemo effects really hit and she was stuck at home for a few days. I should have been there to help Max save her. I let her down big time.
Ok goodnight.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Melissa Daly as her 17 Year Old Invented "Libby"

This was sent to me. She is talking about Magpie. Lissa, what the fuck is wrong with you? You have some serious mental problems!

Dear XXXX,
I get little emails about 2 or 3 times a week at the
most, even when she says she is going to email, half
the time she doesn't.Most are filled with what she did
that day.Our chat last night (her time) was filled
with talk of Sponge Bob and who he is, talk of the war
and stuff like that.She also says she told XXXX (her son) at
last, but I am doubtful that she told him the severity
of it all.I can't see that happening.She has yet to
email Sasha, and I'm sorry, but I find that rude.I
don't know if Jason would really come out here, and if
he does if I would actually do that.I mean, who wants
to do it with someone who looks like I do? Skinny with
a chest tube? And the fact that I am dying is probably
more than a little off putting.Can't say I would blame
him there! I would rather not ask and then be
humiliated.AND I know that he would never initiate
that either.
I think X Mum thinks I failed her in a way...she said
that she has failed me, and I said that I failed her,
and then she said "We BOTH did".I know I have failed.I
tried really hard to get well and get home.I just did
not think that she actually thought I failed...even
after I told her SHE did NOT fail.So--we know who the
failure is between us.
She finally did a miniscule post on the family
site...looking for that damned fiddle gal again.Fiddle
Gal can't even PLAY her fiddle anymore.It is in LA at
Sasha's home.She can keep it, play it and look after
it, then pass it down to her own kids like I planned
to.It is already about 120 years old...mum bought it
in Italy long ago.
Anyway, seems my life is SUCH a tangled mess...I have
serious unravelling to do!

Love Libby

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lissa Daly And Her Thick Web Of Lies

It's good you're keeping busy.I'm trying to do the same thing myself, but I admit it's not always easy. If I can slip my brain into neutral and just do stuff, it's good.
Yes, Nik did a little backup vocals for me. She stepped into the studio in Sydney. I'm so glad she did, because it took a bit of coaxing. But, being a cancer patient, I thought it was so appropriate that she sang. Beautiful harmony she could provide.Our voices blended very well over the years.
Thanks for the sketches--such talent. Tell me-the old woman one? Called "Dreams"? That is meant to be her dream isn't it? That woman represents her? It's so sad but so beautiful.
Love and Light

This was an email sent to me from "Liv" after I sent her this sketch that "Nikki" did of herself. Who the fuck could keep all this straight, who the fuck would want to-LISSA DALY YOU ARE A FUCKING LOSER!!!
Oh and I forgot to mention that Nikki did backup vocals on Olivia's last CD-LOL LOL

Friday, July 18, 2008

Melissa Daly In Love With Joanna Lumley?

Thanks for the very sweet photo Tink did for you. Children and dance--two of her favourite things combined. Nice.
The quiz night photo? Ah that was taken a few months ago. I don't know who took the photo, but it was emailed to me by the owner of the bar recently when he heard Nikki and Max had died. (god that is a hard phrase to say--died) We were hosting the quiz night for the benefit of a local school's music department, raising funds to send them to some band thing in Canberra. Questions were read by us, and we also adjudicated and settled disputed answers. Loads of fun. Too bad the photo isn't bigger and clearer, but I'll take whatever I can. She was having fun there, putting her illness aside for awhile.
Max was there that night too, playing on Michael's team. She hasn't got the old man glasses on in that pic, but they were on the little table in front of us. She'd be reading questions aloud with them perched on her nose like a school marm.
She had legs...they STILL looked the same, too. Trim and toned and LOOOOONG. She looked fantastic in short skirts and I kept bringing short ones home for her. Leather looked especially good. (LOL)
I miss Nik too, XXXX. She has no idea how blessed I felt too. She and Max were my little family. I wish you had got to know Max. He was one in a million too.
(LISSA IS TALKING ABOUT MAGPIE HERE)Sounds to me like that woman ruined a few lives. I don't know how she can sleep at night with all the hate boiling inside her. I remember not long ago in France, Tink told me "I wish her well." No grudges, no nothing--just a simple good will wish. That astounded me because she was afraid of that woman.
She said the same of her ex husband and brother too.Even though basically just days before they were killed her brother told her he wished she'd F***ing die already. Gentle, loving woman.
I'm sending a photo to make you smile...I like to call it Disco Mama. (LOL) OMG how dated is THAT? Gold lame and HAIR out to THERE.
Have a peaceful day/night, whenever you are reading this.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Lissa AKA Nikki-sexually abused!!

Another email from Lissa pretending to be Nikki. Once again she brings in the sexual abuse Nikki suffered.
Dearest XXXX
You don't think that maybe at times Max looks at me and thinks things about me? When he comes across the scarring on my lower back, the cigarette burns on my inner thigh or the newer ones on my breast, you don't think he is disgusted by me and what I did? I worry that he does--that sometimes in his eyes I am cheap used goods. I mean, that is a physical reminder that he can see--not just my thoughts that I can keep deep inside. Do you think men can think that way?
I have another rehearsal this morning then a brief on Friday morning and another brief one Saturday morning, then that is it--it is all over. It's easy because we all know the music--they are Christmas carols after all, and we've all played them a million times before.
We had a horrific storm here yesterday in the late afternoon--hailstones, thunder, lightning--the works. At the Manly marina, boats were tossed like toys, some landing on top of each other. Our sailboat was tossed, but Jules and I checked the moorings to make sure it was secure, and luckily it wasn't damaged.
Maybe you would like to catch up Wednesday evening your time again?
I was going to ring you, but in all honesty, in my present emotional state, I couldn't possibly. I don't even really want to speak to Liv at the moment. I hope you understand because I know I said I would ring once a week. Maybe next week, no?
I hope you have a quiet evening. I will go have my coffee with Max now.
I will email again later.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Here is an email from Lissa (Nikki) about Lissa.

Dearest XXXX
Your friend Lissa sent me an email and said she was unwell, and if I wanted to chat to you she wouldn't be here. So, since Max has a lot of work to catch up on thanks to my little hospital outing, I will be more than happy to keep you company. (if that is all right with you, that is) If you're not in the mood to chat with me, I understand completely. I don't want to be a nuisance.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Here Lissa is posing as Nikki, poor poor Nikki. Lissa is a lonely desperate psycho who did everything in her power to keep myself and Magpie close.

Dearest XXXX
To answer your question. My grandfather didn't really have a role in my life. He was English, but moved to France as a young man. I don't remember him, mainly because I wasn't really involved in family matters at all while growing up.
The title Lady is just that--a title. I don't ever use it, though legally I could be called Lady Nikohl. It is a seated title, meaning it came with the family land in England. My brother is a Lord and Sandy was also a Lady.
To me, those titles are just so fuddy duddy and really mean nothing to me.
It's probably only ever been used once or twice, when I met the queen. I was introduced to her as "Lady Nikohl".
No, I don't think anyone fully realised how badly I was being treated by my family. I was branded a problem child, hence my long stays at boarding school. My parents simply told people that I was out of control, even at a young age. I wasn't, though. I was simply unwanted and unloved.
I don't think even I realised the extent of it--to me it was all normal.
I don't remember tons about my childhood, but I do remember as a very small girl having no toys to play with. I had an old dolly but that was about it. My mother would send me outside to play and make me stay out there most of the day, out of her hair I imagine. We had an older neighbour lady who used to give me apples over the back fence and once she gave me a pretty hair ribbon. My clothes were usually on the loose side so that they would last longer and I'd grow into them, so my parents wouldn't have to buy me clothes as often.
I remember once when I was about 7 I was touched inappropriately by a family friend. I told my mother and she hit me across the head because she said I must have been flirting. I wasn't--I was a mere child who knew nothing of those kinds of things. The year after that, I was sent away.
I've never felt like a "Lady" in any sense of the word until Max. All my life I was made to feel humiliated and worthless. (I am in tears now just thinking of all of this).I just wish I could reach back in time and give that little girl that I was the hug that she needed so badly.
Anyway cherie, I don't want to bring you down. As I said, I don't mind talking about things.
Your babies are lucky to have such a wonderful loving mother, and don't ever think for a single nanosecond that you aren't. You radiate warmth and love and I am sure they bask in it.
I will perhaps email again later. If not, definitely in the morning.
Perhaps we can attempt to chat tomorrow?(Monday AM my time) I don't know how long I would last but I am missing our chats immensely.
Have a lovely day.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More SHIT Lissa Is so Full of.......

Here is an email Daly sent to Magpie.
Here she is playing the part of Libby (the cancer sick young girl)
This was sent at a time when Olivia was on tour. Libby was on tour with Olivia, so Olivia could look after her.

Dear X Mum,
I will look for you online around 3pm your time Thursday (Today)...just in case you are lurking. I will be snugged up in a hotel room...I will let the lovey doveys have a quiet Libby-free dinner tonight...hahahaha. I will hang out with Marlen and the band for awhile instead.
Love You Lots,
Your Libby

This is so pathetic and proves once again how mentally ill this woman is..
Normal people just don't do these kinds of things.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Daly Takes A Dig At Joanna Lumley

Lissa as Julian
I'm just about to hit the sack early, so I will email in the morning.
In the meantime, here is a pic for you. Tink didn't like this one because she said her teeth looked like yellow horse teeth. (but her teeth weren't yellow!)
Anyway I love the pic. It shows her glow.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Daly as Nancy Chuda sends Magpie email

Sent March 2003 ( a month before she killed off Libby)
Dear XXXX,
Forgive me for not getting to this email quicker (I was really too busy emailing others as invented people :0) Time just got away on me.
Yes, Libby DID ring us, thank goodness. We just wanted to hear her voice. She did a three way with us, so we were able to be on at once.
yes, she mentioned her back was sore, and that she was not going to have it looked at because she really does not want to know about it. I can't say I blame her. Best to just keep the spirits up and ignore what you can.
This whole situation has her devastated because I think she knows that where she is is where she will remain because of her lack of strength. If they DO go somewhere, it would have to be somewhere close (of course Daly keep your fake personalities far away ) I reminded her that her mother also has a flat in Paris, which is a short flight away, or a not-so-long drive from London. Time will tell, and it is just a nasty waiting game.
We are managing as best as we can. We miss our Libby very much. She had become a fixture in our lives in the past few months.
Until Later,
Take Care,