Sunday, May 25, 2008


Here Lissa is posing as Nikki, poor poor Nikki. Lissa is a lonely desperate psycho who did everything in her power to keep myself and Magpie close.

Dearest XXXX
To answer your question. My grandfather didn't really have a role in my life. He was English, but moved to France as a young man. I don't remember him, mainly because I wasn't really involved in family matters at all while growing up.
The title Lady is just that--a title. I don't ever use it, though legally I could be called Lady Nikohl. It is a seated title, meaning it came with the family land in England. My brother is a Lord and Sandy was also a Lady.
To me, those titles are just so fuddy duddy and really mean nothing to me.
It's probably only ever been used once or twice, when I met the queen. I was introduced to her as "Lady Nikohl".
No, I don't think anyone fully realised how badly I was being treated by my family. I was branded a problem child, hence my long stays at boarding school. My parents simply told people that I was out of control, even at a young age. I wasn't, though. I was simply unwanted and unloved.
I don't think even I realised the extent of it--to me it was all normal.
I don't remember tons about my childhood, but I do remember as a very small girl having no toys to play with. I had an old dolly but that was about it. My mother would send me outside to play and make me stay out there most of the day, out of her hair I imagine. We had an older neighbour lady who used to give me apples over the back fence and once she gave me a pretty hair ribbon. My clothes were usually on the loose side so that they would last longer and I'd grow into them, so my parents wouldn't have to buy me clothes as often.
I remember once when I was about 7 I was touched inappropriately by a family friend. I told my mother and she hit me across the head because she said I must have been flirting. I wasn't--I was a mere child who knew nothing of those kinds of things. The year after that, I was sent away.
I've never felt like a "Lady" in any sense of the word until Max. All my life I was made to feel humiliated and worthless. (I am in tears now just thinking of all of this).I just wish I could reach back in time and give that little girl that I was the hug that she needed so badly.
Anyway cherie, I don't want to bring you down. As I said, I don't mind talking about things.
Your babies are lucky to have such a wonderful loving mother, and don't ever think for a single nanosecond that you aren't. You radiate warmth and love and I am sure they bask in it.
I will perhaps email again later. If not, definitely in the morning.
Perhaps we can attempt to chat tomorrow?(Monday AM my time) I don't know how long I would last but I am missing our chats immensely.
Have a lovely day.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More SHIT Lissa Is so Full of.......

Here is an email Daly sent to Magpie.
Here she is playing the part of Libby (the cancer sick young girl)
This was sent at a time when Olivia was on tour. Libby was on tour with Olivia, so Olivia could look after her.

Dear X Mum,
I will look for you online around 3pm your time Thursday (Today)...just in case you are lurking. I will be snugged up in a hotel room...I will let the lovey doveys have a quiet Libby-free dinner tonight...hahahaha. I will hang out with Marlen and the band for awhile instead.
Love You Lots,
Your Libby

This is so pathetic and proves once again how mentally ill this woman is..
Normal people just don't do these kinds of things.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Daly Takes A Dig At Joanna Lumley

Lissa as Julian
I'm just about to hit the sack early, so I will email in the morning.
In the meantime, here is a pic for you. Tink didn't like this one because she said her teeth looked like yellow horse teeth. (but her teeth weren't yellow!)
Anyway I love the pic. It shows her glow.