Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Daly as Nancy Chuda sends Magpie email

Sent March 2003 ( a month before she killed off Libby)
Dear XXXX,
Forgive me for not getting to this email quicker (I was really too busy emailing others as invented people :0) Time just got away on me.
Yes, Libby DID ring us, thank goodness. We just wanted to hear her voice. She did a three way with us, so we were able to be on at once.
yes, she mentioned her back was sore, and that she was not going to have it looked at because she really does not want to know about it. I can't say I blame her. Best to just keep the spirits up and ignore what you can.
This whole situation has her devastated because I think she knows that where she is is where she will remain because of her lack of strength. If they DO go somewhere, it would have to be somewhere close (of course Daly keep your fake personalities far away ) I reminded her that her mother also has a flat in Paris, which is a short flight away, or a not-so-long drive from London. Time will tell, and it is just a nasty waiting game.
We are managing as best as we can. We miss our Libby very much. She had become a fixture in our lives in the past few months.
Until Later,
Take Care,