Thursday, August 14, 2008

Melissa Daly as her 17 Year Old Invented "Libby"

This was sent to me. She is talking about Magpie. Lissa, what the fuck is wrong with you? You have some serious mental problems!

Dear XXXX,
I get little emails about 2 or 3 times a week at the
most, even when she says she is going to email, half
the time she doesn't.Most are filled with what she did
that day.Our chat last night (her time) was filled
with talk of Sponge Bob and who he is, talk of the war
and stuff like that.She also says she told XXXX (her son) at
last, but I am doubtful that she told him the severity
of it all.I can't see that happening.She has yet to
email Sasha, and I'm sorry, but I find that rude.I
don't know if Jason would really come out here, and if
he does if I would actually do that.I mean, who wants
to do it with someone who looks like I do? Skinny with
a chest tube? And the fact that I am dying is probably
more than a little off putting.Can't say I would blame
him there! I would rather not ask and then be
humiliated.AND I know that he would never initiate
that either.
I think X Mum thinks I failed her in a way...she said
that she has failed me, and I said that I failed her,
and then she said "We BOTH did".I know I have failed.I
tried really hard to get well and get home.I just did
not think that she actually thought I failed...even
after I told her SHE did NOT fail.So--we know who the
failure is between us.
She finally did a miniscule post on the family
site...looking for that damned fiddle gal again.Fiddle
Gal can't even PLAY her fiddle anymore.It is in LA at
Sasha's home.She can keep it, play it and look after
it, then pass it down to her own kids like I planned
to.It is already about 120 years old...mum bought it
in Italy long ago.
Anyway, seems my life is SUCH a tangled mess...I have
serious unravelling to do!

Love Libby


Anonymous said...

Oh yes of course Jason, forgot all about that character, but then again Lissa it was so very hard to keep up with your inventive little mind. Lets see now, ahhh... he was Libbs first time lover, even in the throes of terminal cancer she managed to have some sort of sex life. GEE you even manage to put sex into the fictional life of a fictional dying girl.

Fat abusive hag that you are...and YOU are, I know that....


Anonymous said...

yeah, her life was lacking in many ways..SEX obviously a HUGE one