Friday, August 29, 2008

Daly as Invented "Julian" (Eddie Izzard)

Here Lissa is emailing as Julain after Nikki and Max were killed. Spewing crap about how to dress them etc. As always she shows her sexual side talking of showing Nikkis belly button....Lissa has some deep disturbing issues, don't give a crap what they are, she will self destruct sooner or later...PSYCHO!!
Sorry I didn't email earlier. I pretty much passed out from exhaust on the sofa. I'm going to take a couple of sleeping pills and see if I can sleep some more. I have much to do in the next few days and don't want to end up sick from lack of sleep. Nik and Max need my help now.
The clothes issue has settled, thank you! Nik will wear her jeans, her favourite pale blue shirt of his knotted at her waist with just a peek of belly button and barefoot. I'll stick a ciggie in her shirt pocket. I'll have Max in jeans and a polo shirt too. Nik's violin is going with her because I know she wanted that.
Yes, please, if you want to write her a letter do so. I'll put it in her pocket along with the love letter she always carries from Max.
I don't know if I can do this, but for them I will.They were both there for me when Martin died around this time last year.I hate August now.
Write your letter this weekend, ok because I'm taking them home Thursday. You will need to get it to me by Monday so it can go with her.I'll print it out on some nice paper.
Do you think it's ok that instead of using Bond's music when I let them go that instead I use Flying Dreams? I ask because Nik didn't plan on it being both of them, and they often played that song together on their instruments.They loved that one.
Do you think she'd mind?
I'm going to go have a drink and then a couple of pills and go up to bed and hope sleep takes over again.
I keep thinking how I should have been there to protect her too.Maybe if I had, this wouldn't have happened to her. Instead I brought the beach chairs up to the house while they went and got ice cream. She loved her ice cream I didn't think a walk was a good idea because her muscle control was starting to go a bit, but she said she wanted to before the chemo effects really hit and she was stuck at home for a few days. I should have been there to help Max save her. I let her down big time.
Ok goodnight.

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She must have got onto one of his sites as well.