Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More SHIT Lissa Is so Full of.......

Here is an email Daly sent to Magpie.
Here she is playing the part of Libby (the cancer sick young girl)
This was sent at a time when Olivia was on tour. Libby was on tour with Olivia, so Olivia could look after her.

Dear X Mum,
I will look for you online around 3pm your time Thursday (Today)...just in case you are lurking. I will be snugged up in a hotel room...I will let the lovey doveys have a quiet Libby-free dinner tonight...hahahaha. I will hang out with Marlen and the band for awhile instead.
Love You Lots,
Your Libby

This is so pathetic and proves once again how mentally ill this woman is..
Normal people just don't do these kinds of things.


Anonymous said...

When she typed in 'The Lovey Doveys' she was referring to ONJ and her late partner Patrick.

It still makes me feel sick.


Winner Takes It ALL said...

Even as LISSA she was very creepy with the ONJ and Patrick talk.

Anonymous said...